Know About Us

We don't want our customers to just buy our products. We want them to believe in the mission and vision of the brand.


The idea of Unroutine was born during the annual school event in The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad in 2018.
As part of the initiative of the school to build an inclusive society, multiple NGOs had set up their stalls and sold various handmade items like bags, carpets, tableware, pottery, and even food products made by their community.
The products made were of good quality, reasonably priced, and had a cause attached to the purchase, unfortunately, the market for the products was limited to these exhibitions. I knew about the power of the internet to reach out to a much larger audience and decided to get close to the issue and do something about it.
I and took up an internship with Tender Hearts, an NGO based out of Faridabad, and then decided to launch Unroutine, a brand that would bring the products made by the NGOs and SHGs right into your desktop or mobile using the power of the internet.


Unroutine is not a formal word in any dictionary.

In fact, Unroutine should not even be a static word in the dictionary. Unroutine is a thought, a way of life, a belief. It is leading a life that where we are conscious of our choices and how we are impacting the world around us through them. With every purchase from Unroutine you are becoming a part of someone's life you are contributing to a better future of a child, supplementing the income of underprivileged women or encouraging an independent artist to build.


We choose our partners carefully to who are serious about manufacturing quality products for our customers. We don’t want our customers to purchase our products out of pity, it should be on the basis of the product quality, designs, and service.


The mission of Unroutine is to source directly from the artisans and market them to the end consumer. This we believe will bring about social change through economic empowerment. We are making a humble beginning by bringing handcrafted lifestyle and regular use products created by self-help groups, rural artisans, and independent producers from across India. The artisans and groups that we are partnering with are gifted with the creative talent and skills to craft exquisite designs in styles that are unique to the Indian culture and heritage.

Unroutine offers contemporary products with a unique design interpretation that will set you apart from others in your choice of the products you use. Since these are sourced directly from the artisans, a majority of the proceed from sales help these artisans and their families directly.

When you buy an Unroutine product, you are not only buying a product, you are setting in motion a dream – a dream for a better future, through education and economic empowerment.  As more people like you join the Unroutine movement we are starting an irreversible process where the marginalized section starts developing the self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn by their own efforts and initiative. Unroutine plans to invest in developing contemporary products and design capabilities with our unique traditional art and thereby bring about modernize these communities.

As a brand, Unroutine would offer a wide range of products starting from home décor, to daily essentials, to personal care range to accessories to stationery items. So if you are a corporate or a direct consumer we would be happy to partner with you and together strive to change the society we are living and leave a better world for the next generation.



Unroutine products are directly sourced from our NGO and SHG partners. When you buy from Unroutine a large portion of the sale proceeds go to these people and helps generate livelihood.



The partners of Unroutine have the craft skills to build the products. Encouragement in the form of product purchase gives them financial freedom. Since a significant portion of the workforce are women empowering them means empowering the family.



As we market the products we also get to understand the consumer tastes. A lot of new products get developed for which additional skills are imparted to these groups.



Nothing encourages a group then knowing that their products are accepted in the market and there is a demand for the same.



Most of us are lucky enough to be born in a particular strata of the society. It is by making the "Unroutine" choices that we can build a more inclusive society.